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Potential Hazards of Improper Insulin Use and Storage

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1 Contact Hour(s)

Release Date

Thursday, January 13, 2022

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Saturday, January 13, 2024

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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Target Audience

Nurse, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician



  • Overview

    Key elements of proper insulin use are insulin injection technique and proper storage; yet these topics can easily be overlooked when talking with patients on insulin. Of course, proper dosing, timing of injections, following potential changes in dosing, such as sliding scales, etc., are generally the first points that are discussed with a patient. The problems that arise when a patient goes home with their insulin come about when they keep their insulin in a car or locker, and then find the insulin to be less effective than expected. Without understanding storage or how and where to inject insulin, patients can be subjected to potentially dangerous variations in blood sugars. 


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  • Nurse

    List Key points to access patient understanding of how to inject and properly store insulin
    Recognize proper injection technique of insulin for vials as well as insulin pens


    List key counseling points that need to be addressed with patients when dispensing insulin as it relates to injection technique and storage
    Recognize proper ways to protect the integrity of the insulin product once it leaves the pharmacy
    Recognize proper injection technique

    Pharmacy Technician

    List key points to access patient understanding of how to inject and store Insulin
    Recognize proper ways to protect the integrity of the insulin once it leaves the pharmacy
    Give examples of open-ended questions to identify knowledge gaps in patients on insulin

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    Nurse 0798-0000-21-154-H01-N

    Pharmacist 0798-0000-21-154-H01-P

    Pharmacy Technician 0798-0000-21-154-H01-T

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