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Bhavana Mutha, RPh, BCMAS, BCMTMS

Chair of Examination Advisory Board, The National Board of Medication Therapy Management

Bhavana is a clinical Pharmacist, a 20-year veteran in the field of pharmacy with double-board certification, valedictorian graduate, national and international speaker at various forums, and recipient of several awards in her practice setting. She has contributed to several articles published in pharmacy times, Drug Topics, Student doctor networks, and has interviewed industry leaders. She is chair advisory board member examination committee for the national organization NBMTM. She also serves as an advisory board member of the nonprofit Pharmacist moms’ organization with 35k pharmacist in collaboration with Pharmacy Times. She has been a vibrant team member of the TEDx brand and is actively involved in community collaboration and innovative minds.

Bhavana is a consummate professional and her passion for the Pharmacy profession and patient care is unmatched. Her drive to thrive with every aspect of knowledge of drug development to the end goal of client-facing role stapled with grit led to pursue the double-board certification and she believes that completes the circle of the pharmacy profession. Her ingrained quality of compassion towards patients come from her deep-rooted mindful and spiritual practices. She has been a leader in her community reflecting servant leadership with many projects, nonprofit org, and NGO involvement serving the underprivileged.

Bhavana is a mother of two beautiful daughters, a nature lover, has a dynamic stage presence with large audiences hosting shows and presentations, and loves to cook, read, and travel. As a thought leader, she loves to write daily quotes reflecting her vision and innovative mind. 
“Act with synergy, collaborate for the collective good of all, and cooperation on the micro-level leads to a big impact on macro levels” is what resonates with her mindset.


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